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Uninstalling any application on your Mac can be a tedious task as uninstalling the application may not remove all the files associated with it. When the application is installed on the Mac then all the files associated with it will be stored on your Mac and once the application is removed then these files do not get deleted. These files will remain on the Mac and take lots of space.

For removing the application, we need a good application uninstaller program. There are many programs available on the internet that will help you to remove installed programs on your Mac. These applications' uninstallers will not only uninstall programs on mac but will also remove all the files associated with that application.

If you want to delete apps on mac manually then you also have to remove all the files associated with the apps manually. You have to search for the files manually and then remove them. This process will take lots of time and not advisable.

Therefore, for removing programs from mac here we are using Advanced Uninstall Manager. Advanced Uninstall Manager is one of the best application uninstallers for Mac.

Advanced Uninstall Manager Review

Note: To locate all the applications installed on your mac, click on the Start Scan button. Once the scan is finished you will see all the applications installed on your Mac. You can then remove the application you do not need.

For improving the bootup time of your Mac, click on the Login items, and from the list of applications remove all the applications you do not want to run at startup. This will improve the bootup time of the mac.

This is, all the uninstalled applications installed on your Mac will be removed and bootup time will also be improved using Advanced Uninstall Manager.

Specifications of Advance Uninstall Manager program

Size: It only takes around 7MB of space on your Mac.

Category: This program falls in the utility category

Compatibility: Advanced Uninstall Manager is compatible with the latest Mac OS, OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit

Language: English

Age Rating: 4+

Family Sharing: this program supports family sharing

Price: $4.99

Download Link: You can download the application from the Mac App Store



Normally when you uninstall any application from your Mac, then its files and folders will get left on your mac. Now you have to manually search for the leftover files and then manually remove them one by one. Manually removing apps from mac will take lots of time and effort.

Therefore, for removing applications completely from your mac we suggest you use Advanced Uninstall Manager.

Advanced Uninstall Manager is one of the best programs to remove installed unwanted applications from your Mac. This simple and easy-to-use program will remove all the associated files of the application that is being removed.



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