Top 9 smartphone hacks you should know!

Mustufa Ansari
5 min readFeb 12, 2022


More than 80% of the world’s smartphones are Android, but do you know all the possibilities that your phone offers you?

Here we have mentioned the top 8 smartphone hacks!

1. Easter Egg

All versions of Android have a surprise inside, the so-called “Easter Egg”. In Lollipop and Marshmallow, we have a flappy bird style game, in Nougat you can collect cats and in Oreo, you can play with an octopus circling the fishbowl.

In Pie, the latest version of Android finds a drawing application reminiscent of the mythical Paint, and in it, you can draw abstract drawings.

2. Disable Preinstalled Applications

Most devices have preinstalled applications that we cannot uninstall in any way, and they continually bother us with what they want to update. We cannot remove them but we can disable them and eliminate their notifications. They will continue to occupy space in memory but will no longer monopolize resources.

To disable an application, go to Settings> Applications> All and choose the system application you want to lose sight of. First, uncheck the ‘Show notifications’ option so that you do not notify us about your updates again. Then click on ‘Disable’ and accept.

If you ever regret it and want to reactivate it, you just have to go back, look for the application in the ‘Disabled’ section and click on ‘Enable’, the process is completely reversible.

3. Open Quick Access without going through notifications

In Pie, we have 5 very fast accesses but for the rest first notifications appear. For any Android version (prior to Nougat, of course) there is a very simple trick, which most of us do not know, to go directly to Quick Access without going through notifications.

The secret is to use two fingers to pull the status bar and take out the shortcuts directly. As simple as that.

4. Access the hidden menu

Our fourth smartphone hack is accessing the hidden menu!

Android has a back door through which you will be able to know a lot of interesting information about your terminals such as all usage statistics by application, battery status (temperature, usage, health, etc.) and more information about connections and the terminal.

To access this menu, you must dial the secret code * # * # 4636 # * # * from the calling application and you will automatically enter it.

5. Expanded numeric keypad

You can configure the keyboard to also display numbers as keys on the letters instead of a separate keyboard that is accessed from the typical number and symbol key. To do this we must add a custom input style.

Go to Settings> Language and text entry> Google keyboard> Appearance and design> Custom input styles, once there we will click on the ‘+’ symbol to add a new one.

We choose our language, in the ‘Type’ options we will choose ‘PC’ and click on ‘Add’.

Now in Google Keyboard Settings we will select ‘Languages’ and mark the custom option we just created.

6. Voice recognition without internet

You can use the voice recognition of the Google application even if you are offline, you will not be able to search for things on the internet but you can interact with the smartphone.

To do this we must download the voice recognition package of our language. If you have the Google Now launcher, swipe from the main screen to the right to open Google Now and swipe right again to take out the menu and choose ‘Settings’.

If you don’t have the Google Now launcher, open the application called ‘Google’ (blue symbol), swipe to the right to get the menu and choose Settings.

Once in Google settings select Search> Voice> Offline voice recognition> All, here choose your language, we will accept the download of the package and when it is finished it will be available. In the update tab, you can choose to update automatically.

7. False location

We can fool positioning services to post on Facebook or Twitter from the Bahamas.

To do this we must do several things. First in Settings> Development options activate the ‘Simulated locations’. Now we need an application like Fake Location to simulate another location.

Open the application and place the pushpin where you would like to be and share. When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

8. Take photos while recording a video

It seems silly but has a snapshot of a specific moment to enjoy it without having to watch 15 minutes of video again.

It is very simple you just have to touch the screen while you are recording a video and the photo will be saved in the gallery just behind the video.

9. Three applications at once with Picture-in-Picture

From Oreo, we can use the option of Picture-in-Picture, and the split-screen to use three applications at the same time.

Choose an application to use with Picture-in-Picture, then open multitasking to choose two more applications to be left behind.

To control the applications that can be used over the others with PiP, go to Settings> Applications and notifications> Special applications access> Image in the image.



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